City living – come
and be part of it
Live well, work easy, no hassle

This is Hive Central. A place to live. A space to work. A community where you can meet others, make fresh connections, and enjoy life your way.

Perhaps you want a home that comes with a readymade neighbourhood. Where it’s easy to work, if you want to. Or maybe you’re looking to downsize without moving  away from the buzz of the city.

Hive Central offers city living (and working) that plugs you straight into our community, with fantastic facilities, services and amenities all at your fingertips. 

Meet likeminded folk

Your own private living space is furnished with everything you’d expect, and the Hive Central app keeps you nicely in the loop on daily Hive life, upcoming events and more.

Home sweet home 

Hive is designed for bringing people together. If you’re into bikes, there’s a bike store and workshop.  For the green-fingered, there’s the rooftop garden.  The combination of private and shared spaces –  lounge, café, gym, courtyard and co-working – make it easy to find your tribe and thrive.

Health and happiness

Knowing you’re part of a friendly community feels great. You can keep those good vibes topped up with an on-site yoga, pilates or meditation session or a latte in the café. Lovely ways to start or end the day.

Hive external view
Here’s how a typical Hive day might
pan out…

Grab your morning matcha en route back from the gym. Freshen up at home then head down to co-working. Once you’ve put the hours in, with some networking on the side, check the Hive Central app and book your space on the weekend arts event.

The working day over, you pop up to the rooftop garden to check on your herbs and veg. Stunning views of Kelham Island from the top. Your neighbour’s had the same idea so you shoot the breeze and share a beer. All against the backdrop of the city skyline and the rolling countryside of the Peak District beyond.

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