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Life inside
the Hive

It’s your home, office and playground, Hive is about people and the community, your community – come and be part of it.

You do you
Let us take the hassle out of living so you can focus on the important stuff.
The Hive app is your personal portal to everything in one place. Bills and invoices, booking and events, food and drink its all just a tap away.
and wellness.

Sustainable living is good for us on a personal level as well as a planetary level. And whether you grow your own tasty herbs or join our running and walking clubs, it all brings us closer to meeting our sustainability goals.

Your wellbeing.

Covid-19 has made us review what is important to all and new buildings must consider this and provide a specification which addresses these concerns, in addition we clean throughout very regularly and hand sanitising stations are located in high footfall areas. Precaution’s and guidance will be reviewed regularly and everyone will be kept informed through the Hive app of changes.

  • Smart building technology
  • Building flexibility
  • Air quality and circulation
  • Internal occupier circulation
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout
  • Space for social interaction and collaboration
  • Sustainable and carbon free
  • Touchless technology and access
Hive Central
Complete Guide
If you’re up for learning new skills, getting inspiration from guest speakers, or love a bit of live music with friends, the Hive team organises all these and more. There’s always interesting goings-on at Hive.
You belong
Everyone wants to belong, and we’re set up to help you fit right in and feel at home. Alongside the various socials on offer, you can get involved with the rooftop garden and relax in the communal areas. Get to know your neighbours at your pace.
Hang out
The Hive offers different spaces for different days to suit your mood. Want Friday afternoon movies and popcorn in the lounge? A Saturday night gym session? Sunday morning quietly doing your laundry? Your home, your call.
Co-working zone
It’s nice to work alongside others. You get that all-important human connection as well as access to meeting rooms, private work pods and a dedicated area for dropping off and receiving your parcels.
Rooftop garden and BBQ
Sheffield is one of the UK’s greenest cities but on those days you want to stay close to home, you can get your quota of fresh air up on the rooftop garden. Tend your herbs. Cook a banger on the barbie. Or just enjoy the view.
Fitness Gym
Staying fit and healthy is easy at the Hive. Our gym has all the facilities you’d expect including a yoga and meditation studio. When your workout’s over, you can treat yourself in the café.
Designed for you
Hive makes everyday living super easy, and it all comes together with the Hive Central app. From booking a meeting room, to renting an on-site scooter to nip into town, to booking your living space in for a clean, it’s all doable via the app.
Net zero carbon is our aim, and our lean-clean-green approach covers every area, such as our BREEAM ‘Excellent’ building fabrics and renewable energy sources, the rooftop allotments (grow your veg and herbs!), yoga and fitness classes, on-site bike shop.
More than just a fantastic co-living and co-working space, there’s also a cinema, shared lounge, a gym. The ground floor’s retail units and workshops connect to a central courtyard, sections of which open up to the public. Hive is what you make it. Enjoy it, your way.